Shadow of the Tomb Raider will look gorgeous with Nvidia help

If the scenes in the tech trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider (releasing September 14, 2018) are any indication, Eidos’ latest will be awe inspiring and impress us with sweeping vistas, realistic shadows, and real-time ray-traced lighting and reflections. This level of detail comes from Nvidia’s new RTX 20 series of graphic cards, on machines optimized for just that purpose. The proof, as they say, is in the results, which makes for an amazing look for a real-time game to manage.

Yes, Lara, it is impressive


Folks attending Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, Germany this week were treated to an up-close look at what the RTX line can do as part of Nvidia’s presentation at the show. Price points for third-party versions of RTX cards will start at $499, while “Founder’s Edition” versions directly from Nvidia will go for as much as $1,199. The RTX graphic card line – named for its real-time ray tracing, a technique only found in movies thus far – will be available around September 20. Only a few titles will support the RTX improved graphics at first (Eidos Montreal’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, DICE & EA’s Battlefield 5, and 4A Games’ Metro Exodus), but once the graphics card permeates the market, we could see many developers embracing the RTX capabilities.



Still, we’re eagerly awaiting Shadow of the Tomb Raider, even if the real-time ray tracing might be a bit down the road for us. Gotta kick some Trinity ass real soon, and Lara’s the only lady for the job.

Life is Strange 2 will start new storyline

Square Enix and DONTNOD Entertainment has released some details for Life is Strange 2 . The thematic sequel will not carry on the original game’s characters, but instead will feature two brothers, Sean and Daniel Diaz, ages 16 and 9. Per the press release, the Diaz brothers “are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident in Seattle. In fear of the police, Sean & Daniel head to Mexico while attempting to conceal a sudden and mysterious supernatural power.”

For those who have yet to meet Max and Chloe from the original Life is Strange, the gameplay of the series has a very Choose Your Own Adventure feel: once you make a decision in the storyline, there’s definite changes to the rest of gameplay. If you opt not to help a character, for example, that character will treat you differently later. While some might point to Fable and other games with choices of good or evil, the Life is Strange games make the repercussions of your gameplay choices much more obvious – and therefore, satisfying.

Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 of 5 will be available as a digital release as of September 27, 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.